High quality custom homes by Hedlund Builders

Founded in 1994, Hedlund Builders, Inc. specializes in custom residential and historic restoration projects. As a full service General Contractor we are also adept at performing remodels and additions; commercial projects; tenant improvement projects; earth work and site assessment.​

We have diversified skills but our emphasis is and will continue to be our craftsmanship in all facets of structure assembly and finishes. Our process, while not unique but often forgotten in today's "slap 'em up" world, is predicated on old-school carpentry techniques with an eye for details. The pieces of our projects fit together just right with balance and symmetry. They are long lasting and intended to have a serviceable lifespan well beyond the norm.

By no means are we perfect but we do try to be. Should you ever have an issue we will be there to help resolve it. Most importantly our suppliers and subcontractors share our dedication.

From our Clients...


We selected Brian to build our house because we wanted someone as detail oriented as we are, and whose commitment to quality was unparalleled.   Since we lived a great distance from the project site, it was impossible to check up on the progress as often as we would have liked.  Throughout the process he maintained superb communication, keeping us up to date and involving us in every aspect (as we had requested).  We trusted Brian to do the job, and he far exceeded our expectations.  His subcontractors also provided excellent work, and each was a pleasure to meet.   When it came time to review the finished project and create a punch list for items to be fixed, we found that nothing needed to be done, as Brian had made sure everything was perfect.  In the years since the project was complete, we have found Brian to be instantly accessible for advice on upkeep and minor projects.  Without question, we would hire him again if we were ever to build another house.  Thank you, Brian, for a great job!

Sina Pearson

Sina Pearson Textiles​​


Dear Brian,
        You and your crew work on a number of projects for me when I was the Facilities Manager at the Skagit County Historical Museum. I expected good work from you and I always got it, no matter how big or small, from reinforcing the observation deck on the east side of the Museum to installing a tricky glass partition between the conference room and offices in the Library to installing new doors in the Museum basement. Everything was done when you said it would be done with proper clean up and follow up. You and your crew were always totally reliable
and I felt I could count on you for any future project. In addition, you personally always made yourself available for consultation without additional charge.
        I'm recently retired from the Museum but Hedlund Builders remains a company I  feel I can confidently turn to  as well for any home improvement projects that may occur.
                                                                                                      Bob Skeele


We began planning our home with Brian in early 2011.  From the get go we were happy with Hedlund Builders.  Brian's enthusiasm and attention to detail continued throughout the entire project.  The sub-contractors were all professional, courteous and wonderful to work with. Any questions or concerns we had were addressed immediately and our questions were satisfied.  To this day Brian  responds to any questions we might have.

Brian has always gone the "extra mile" and the finished project  went beyond all our expectations.  The quality of workmanship is commented upon by anyone who visits.

We highly recommend Hedlund Builders for any building project.  He is very good at what he does.

Carol and Jon Engels



As an architect I have had the opportunity to work with many different contractors over the course of my career.  I can unequivocally recommend Brian and his company, so much so that we engaged Hedlund Builders to construct our personal residence.  They are top quality craftsman with a loyal and dedicated group of skilled subcontractors.  Brian is my first call when discussing contractor selection options with residential and commercial project clients.  You will be well served to consider Hedlund Builders for your project.

Doug Cole, Architect


Brian Hedlund and Hedlund Builders completed a remodeling projector of our home in 2001.  It is a 1960's rambler that needed a major updating.  We went to Brian with a very definite layout, budget and timeline.   He offered suggestions, drew up plans and provided an estimate of the job.

We lived in our home during this project so the crew understood that the site had to be "livable" at the end of each workday.  They were always respectful and mindful of this.  Brian oversaw each stage of our project and he worked with us to stay within our budget.  All subcontractors including flooring, cabinets, electrical and plumbing were scheduled by Brian to keep everything on track.  

We were well-pleased by the workmanship provided by Brian, his crew and the subcontractors.  The job was finished on time and on budget.  It has been 11 years and we still love our "new" house.

Steve & Susan Erickson


Hedlund Builders worked flawlessly with our architectural firm, Brooks Middleton Architect in the construction of our home.

From start to finish the level of communication was outstanding and greatly assisted in our planning and efforts on the home. Invoices and project documents were all provided in a timely fashion and with clarity that a homeowner could understand.

The relationship between Hedlund Builders and their subcontractors and suppliers was outstanding. All of them did outstanding work and were readily accessible when questions arose.

The overall product is outstanding and truly is a life-time product.

We have occupied our home since 2005 and when the occasional quirk or question arises, even now, Hedlund Builders is readily available and quick to respond. Should we ever go through this process again Hedlund Builders will be the only company that we will call.

Mike & Jennifer Harlan